Sustainable ‘growth’ in the UK

Power Farming is a new service for the agricultural market, designed for those with an interest in farm machinery and tractors.    As an interactive digital service, it enables people to buy, compare, repair and enthuse about farm machinery.    The concept was evolved through a number of iterative stages including understanding fundamental facts about the market, spending time with farmers and other agricultural experts in the field (literally!) and running co-creative sessions to develop and progress the concept.

New transitions

Passport is an award winning, multi-£million income generating proposition developed by Caroline and colleagues at HSBC as part of HSBC’s novel innovation programme.    The Passport proposition has proved successful in meeting the needs of people new to the UK, and is now being rolled out globally.   Caroline was also involved in developing the HSBC innovation programme, making it thrive and grow by engaging people in the organisation in active customer interaction and creativity.

Putting on the glitz

Meeting some of the world’s most prolific film producers, lawyers and film festival directors whilst over in LA last year, Caroline helped one of Hollywood’s leading entertainment magazines, to test and iterate 6 brand new services, designed to broaden the strategy into user experience, user pays digital services.

Financial Transformations

An American investment bank in London, looking to build their direct investment business, worked with members of the team to identify the needs of their customers and people in the market. This helped them develop one of the most customer-driven identities and marketing strategies amongst the competitor set and the opportunity to flourish and grow in future.

Turning a different colour Green

Members of the team co-created with one of the largest telco providers in the UK to initiate a strategy for a sustainable and ecologically friendly approach to mobile phone customer experience and provision. Involving one of the country’s leading experts on sustainability and engaging with business leaders in different industries; discussing and exploring marketing and environmental impacts, a range of opportunity platforms were identified.

Parisian global culture

One of the fastest growing global telecoms providers in France, wanted to develop a more customer centric culture. Working with Caroline they together developed and delivered an experiential training programme enabling key figures from the company from across wide-ranging  geographic including India, Asia, America and Europe to influence the future development of the company.