The Creative Connection is a collaboration of freelancers, run by Caroline Southard, a freelance creative researcher, specialising in a range of qualitative techniques to understand people more deeply.

Services include

Qualitative: in-depth interviews, group moderation, UX methodologies, laddering, observation,   in-situ intercepts, visual metaphor interviewing, co-creation, graphic facilitation, online moderation, secondary research

Analysis:    common themes (staged analysis), creative connections, group analysis (discussion, workshops, brainstorms)

Outputs:   graphic top quality designed slides, vox pops, in-situ video shorts, succinct notes (e.g.   Tables, bullets), personnas, heuristic  reviews

Admin:  project management, writing screeners, designing questionnaires,  crafting question   frameworks and guides, preparing stimulus

Check out our 2 minute illustrative video to find out more about how we connect with people